/ Who are you, and what are you in to?

My name is Nakisa Motamedi – I am deeply immersed in the cannabis industry.

I started as a budtender, worked my way up to head buyer of a dispensary for 3 years and now have been doing marketing for various companies for over a year. Besides also personal styling on the side, you could say cannabis is my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

/ Who is a frequent collaborator or brand you love, and why?

I absolutely love King’s Garden! I’ve been smoking their strains for years now and they’re always consistent and have bomb flower. Especially when they launched their concentrate line. Didn’t know it could get any better!

/ Are you an OC native, or transplant, where do you call home?

So, I was actually born in Long Beach and moved to Orange County when I was 5 and was raised there my whole life. I ended up leaving Orange County and moved back to Long Beach in 2019, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Orange County will always be home for me, but Long Beach by far has my heart.

/ First thing you think about in the morning, last thing before bed?

How many more minutes can I get away with on snoozing my alarm.Should I eat another snack or is it too late. What can I say… I’m a true Taurus. 😂

/ If I asked you about the Sun and the Moon; what would you say?

If you know me then you know I liiiive by the Sun & the Moon!! The Moon affects our emotions & bodies, while the Sun gives us life! Without them we would cease to exist. The answers are in the stars 😉

/ If I told you I was sad, where would you take me?

To the beach!! The beach always brightens my day. It’s so calm and intense at the same time. Smoke a joint, or just sit and listen to the waves.

/ Favorite OC/CA View / where is your safe place?

My favorite view is the beach, none in particular. If I can see and hear the waves crashing and burry my bare feet in the sand; I’m happy.

/ Is your instagram bio a lie?

Not at all. It literally describes so much of me, if you realllyyy know me you’d agree.

/ I say terpene, you say:

One of the most important things to know when you’re picking /smoking a strain.

Terpenes are responsible for the affects a strain gives us. If you’re looking for a calming & pain reliever strain, make sure it’s high in linalool-rich terpenes. If you want to feel more mood-elevated look for a strain high in limonene-rich terpenes.

I always preach that what matters most when you’re picking out a strain, is not about the THC percentage but the terpene profiles.

/ Blunts or papers?

Papersss!! While I do enjoy a blunt here & there (specially when its a hemp wrap), they are just too harsh for me and I enjoy my seshes much more when its papers. My joint rolling skills are far better than my blunt rolling, but always improving!

/ What was the best-worst thing that ever happened to you?

I quit nursing school 6 months before graduation because I just wasn’t happy and realized it wasn’t my path after all. At the time it felt like it was all over and I had failed. I hadn’t. I found my way into the cannabis industry not long after that and for the first time I felt like I was where I needed to be.

I couldn’t come to terms with the pharmaceutical world and how it affected people negatively. With cannabis I’m able to help heal others in a natural and organic way.
I had a patient when I was budtending that would come every week to the shop to purchase edibles and RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) to help with his chemo. After a year of purchasing from me, he came in one day to tell me he was cancer free. That day I knew I had made the right decision and never looked back.

/ Your future in 3 words: