Introducing – China Morbosa. Living in one of the few wide streets in K-Town we strolled to a laundromat, chatted, then decided to take a ride for an afternoon.

It’s important to mention I know China from a past life, but we haven’t seen each other for over a year. We’ve worked together on many projects she does to maintain mental health and just a creative force in general.

China doesn’t like to be labelled, boxed, or even the confines of a job title or role. This attitude leads to other areas of her life, and I’ve asked her to share as much or as little as she feels like.

We live in a climate where it’s acceptable to indentify with a brand, sexual preference, a group, a club. But that information doesn’t have to be public– and it can be shared on your terms, and in your own way.

Love. Your way. The theme for this month. It and blends. Love what you do. Love it in your way. Love you.

As I watched China signal a turn in her Matte Black 1984 El Camino she blinks the turn signal manually- I smile, and think to my self she’s in literal and lateral control of all aspects of her life. She laughs and says, yeah “I get to pick my own pace of ‘blink’– and it’s also respectful. I admire her quietly and click the shutter.

We continue...

Who are you, and what are you in to?

My name is China Morbosa. I believe I would be considered a multifaceted artist, I’m currently in the process of getting a feature film on the ground, releasing tracks with my band Foxy Panic, creating an army of insanely intricate oil paintings on old glass with the aims of participating in an art show, as yet to be determined, tattooing, preaching the good word of mezcal, and practicing “The art of motorcycle maintenance” on my ‘84 El Camino.

Who is a frequently collaborator or brand you love, and why?

I feel that the most amazing creations, artistically or other, are achieved through collaborations, hence although I do a lot of solo work, I am constantly amazed with the outcomes of work that I have been a contributor in. I find it essential to not take yourself too seriously and get out of your head.

Are you an LA native, or transplant, where do you call home?

I mostly grew up in the vast backroads of New Mexico, although I feel that I have lived in LA long enough to catch myself defending the city of angels, so I guess you could say we have been having a steady love affair.

First thing you think about in the morning, last thing before bed?

The morning is tricky, I try to hold my brain back, like a rabid animal, from rushing into what adventures or misadventures lay in store and take a breath to ring out all the insane dreams I have been having throughout the night, mostly unsuccessfully.
Before I go to sleep, I usually try to clear my mind and go into a somewhat meditative state, otherwise my thoughts will keep racing through my head, not that this keeps me from occasionally sleepwalking or waking up in the middle of a conversation to no one.

If I asked you about the Sun and the Moon; what would you say?

How the concept of a planet on fire being the sole reason for life on Earth doesn’t make you laugh at the pure insanity of existence is beyond me. I guess both the moon and the sun make me think of how sensitive humans are, the indestructible all powerful walking bags of bones, blood, and muscles.

If I told you I was sad, where would you take me?

I’d take you for a frozen piña colada, poolside at the Ace in Palm Springs, where we could swim and stare at the huge mountain ridge staring back at us, if that didn’t work, there’s always Jumbos Clown Room.

Favorite LA/CA View / where is your safe place?

My favorite view of LA is driving into Downtown on the 4th street entrance, for a brief moment, downtown looks like Gotham, and I feel like batman.Sitting in my car is my safe space, I love the smell of old cars, and the feeling that no matter where I am I can be somewhere else, I find it somehow reassuring. I believe freedom is the most misunderstood commodity, and the first to be sacrificed.

Dream collaboration?(Alive or Dead)

The first to come to mind is Philippa Price, John Waters, Vivienne Westwood, and Diane Arbus. A mixed bag.

Trippiest shit you ever saw:

I feel on the daily I see a fair amount of trippy shit, so that’s a tough one. On a non regular, which I am quite thankful for, I would have to say ghosts, a lot of ghosts, and other things considered to be supernatural phenomenons. 

Is your instagram bio a lie?

I solely use the bio for links to something upcoming, which I frequently unsuccessfully link. I have a love/hate relationship with technology.

Blunts or papers?

Depends on the situation, I think blunts are somewhat romantic and papers are more functional, but on a regular I feel that I prefer adding just a little bit of spice into tobacco or another smoking blend, sooooo spliff

What was the best-worst thing that ever happened to you? (Something fucked up that turned out to be amazing in the long run)

First off I consider myself One Lucky Motherfucker, I have had multiple near death experiences, survived situations by the grace of god, including being able to walk after an accident left me parralyzed in one leg, my hand healing after getting gangrene from an unorthodox medical procedure as a child, and constantly feeling like the depiction of the fool from the tarot deck, smiling while walking off a cliff.

I would have to say though, the world being plagued by Corona. My band was in the middle of our first US tour, which is a dream of any inspiring musician, life on the road, waking up in a different city, exploring the country, and playing killer shows. We were opening for a larger act, MIJA, and it felt like we were one big circus family.It felt like we were riding a wave, playing a show 2 nights before the club would get shut down, until Covid finally caught up with us in Philly.

We woke up, got on the bus for the final time, ending at a shipping dock where every act that was on the road, all were loading their equipment together in silence, on shipping pallets under the emance overcast sky.We all flew back, crushed and drained, with not even a concept of the enormity of the situation.

The year the world was forced to stop was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. Protests, cop cars on fire, dancing in the streets, mind fuckery, truly feeling blessed for whatever small gifts you have.

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